Winclone Questions

Hi! I’m planning on buying a Mac and want to move my Windows installation over to it on boot camp. I was reading this article and I wondered what partition it said to back up when it says “You will need to create an initial image of your partition before running Sysprep”.
I also wanted to know if there had to be an existing boot camp partition to put the real PC in to.
Finally, I see there is a dmg download for the program on the website. Is this a trial period, or do I need to buy the standard version and then transfer my real PC to the boot camp partition.

The idea behind the initial image is that if there is problem running sysprep, it could leave your PC in an unbootable state. Creating a Winclone image of the Windows partition prior to running sysprep would allow you to either restore the data back to the PC disk (which may or may not work), or at least have access to the data even though sysprep wasn’t run prior to creating the image. The ideas is to have a good backup in case something go awry.