Winclone registration

Hello, My current copy of Winclone (version 5.7.6) says it is the latest version. However, your site says otherwise. Just wondering if there is any upgrade path for me?
My copy is registered at my old email which is no longer in use. Probably why I never received any product info. But I do not have any account information to login here or get help. So…help!

There is a discounted upgrade for customers who purchased in the past. To purchase the upgrade, please create an account at with the same email you used to purchase, and you will see links to purchase a discounted version.

That didn’t work because the email I had when I purchased the software is no longer in use therefore when I created the account with the email used to purchase the software it sent an account confirmationn email to that defunct account and I cannot access the account I just created.

OK…So I created another account with my correct email and confirmed it. Then tried to change my email to the old email address to see the upgrade path but upon saving the error was “that email is already taken”.
My account page did have a 10% discount for the latest software but I’m not sure that is the upgrade price.

Can you send your old email and new to I will update our system.