Winclone reporting a File Error on the log

Just installed 8.0.2 on Mohave. Successfully created an Image and Restored it. However when I click the Log button, I get an error “The log file could not be found at /Users/Jerry/Library/Logs/Winclone/Winclone.log.” But it is there, it’s 589 KB and I can open it from the Finder.

When I try to clear the log, I get a File Delete Error “The log file could not be deleted at /Users/Jerry/Library/Logs/Winclone/Winclone.log.(“Winclone.log” couldn’t be removed.)”

I uninstalled and reinstalled but the problem remains.

We will test a fresh install. I believe the problem is that the file needs to be created by the helper prior to viewing it.