Winclone restore failure error 50

My screen broke on my 2019 macbook pro and I sent to get fixed. When returned I upgraded to big sur and the Bootcamp did not boot / load work.

I have formatted the partition and tried to restore using the winclone image I made.

The Winclone restore only installed 5gb of a 280gb restoration. Half way through says restoration failed error 50.

The process has installed the files, in the Bootcamp partition I created, but the partition doesn’t show up on the boot menu. Only the Macintosh HD

Any pointers on what to do? It may be that the windows 10 that I installed was earlier than the Catalina that I have downgraded from?

It is really disappointing I thought this would save me time but this has now taken much longer than if I had not bought this software and done a clean re-install.

If this is going to take much longer I would like a refund as this software has not helped me and provided the service I expected.



You can get a refund here: