Winclone restore to bootcamp doesn’t show on Opt at startup; now doesn’t load

I am trying to migrate a bootcamp partition from one Sierra (10.12) machine to another. I created a partition following the instructions here on the site, and it did restore. I was initially able to open into bootcamp through the startup disk menu in system, but Bootcamp has never shown up with the option group at startup.

And, while booting at option worked the first couple of times, now when I try to load it via the startup disk menu, I get a black screen with a white bar at top and bottom, with no further progress from that point.

Finally - I’d prefer to have bootcamp accessible via VMWare (7 - I’m doing this to run a single, specific legacy application). I suspect I’m going to have to delete the partition and start it again - is there an approach or set of guidelines I can follow to make this all work?

That is strange.

So it did work a few times?

VMWare has the ability to migrate a boot camp partition when creating a new image.