Winclone stuck at "preparing to save image"

I have run chkdsk /f procedure as instructed in the below log, but still no success. I am using Mac OS Big Sur.
log entry as follows:

2020-12-27T08:23:26-06:00:hiberfil exists…probing…
2020-12-27T08:23:38-06:00:We have Windows, but no BOOT folder, so checking to see if there is another partition on the same drive that has the folder. If so, we have a split boot config, and will grab the boot files
2020-12-27T08:27:20-06:00:hiberfil exists…probing…
2020-12-27T08:27:22-06:00:Image cancelled by user
2020-12-27T08:30:27-06:00:Setting to not sleep…
2020-12-27T08:30:27-06:00:Writing Version of Windows to Image
2020-12-27T08:30:28-06:00:Starting Helper Tool
2020-12-27T08:30:28-06:00:setting up listener for mach service com.twocanoes.WincloneHelper
2020-12-27T08:30:28-06:00:Getting new connection request
2020-12-27T08:30:29-06:00:Saving Partition Type, 2.000000% complete
2020-12-27T08:30:29-06:00:Could not read /dev/disk0. Probably due to SIP. Ignoring and returning 0x07
2020-12-27T08:30:29-06:00:Saving Filesize, 3.000000% complete
2020-12-27T08:30:31-06:00:Preparing to Save Image, 5.000000% complete
2020-12-27T08:30:31-06:00:Executing “ntfslabel -f -f /dev/disk0s3”
2020-12-27T08:30:32-06:00:$MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 3).
Failed to mount ‘/dev/disk0s3’: Input/output error
NTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot it TWICE!
The usage of the /f parameter is very IMPORTANT! No modification was
made to NTFS by this software.

This seems like a block mismatch error, which winclone should detect. Please try setting to file-based (WIM) in prefs, create and restore a new image.