Winclone taking an Incremental Backup whenever I restart from Bootcamp back to OSX

I have my Incremental Backup set to daily at 2 AM. Whenever I restart Bootcamp and go back to OSX, Winclone immediately takes an Incremental Backup. Here’s the command in the log:

2020-02-28T19:48:34-05:00:Executing “wimappend /dev/disk4s3 /Users/Jerry/Winclone Images/Windows.winclone/Windows.wim --update-of=1 --delta-from=/Users/Jerry/Winclone Images/Windows.winclone/Windows.wim --check”

Why is it taking a backup off schedule?

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Please delete this post because the problem is not happening anymore. Probably user error…

No need to delete! Thanks for posting that it now working (if you want to delete, you can delete it as your user account).


Maybe it’s happening for me.
I am using what I believe is the latest: Winclone 9 48405.

What is wrong with the attached picture? It’s scheduled for Monday, but it’s happening today (Saturday). I have seen this before. I use boot camp all the time and don’t always look at the Winclone icon, but I definitely just saw it backing up.

Today is March 20, the last backup seemed to be march 8. I have been using boot camp a lot perhaps like the other poster. Is it possible if you miss the backup date you go ahead and backup right away?

This is basically my safety net - not from hard drive failure, but of course from windows update. If windows update messes up my system and I end up with an unbootable boot camp and it gets backed up… I lose the safety net. I am counting on mentally knowing that it will only back up on monday. That may break other peoples’ expectations though.

Looking forward to your response.

I see a similar behavior. There seems to be some kind of a bug when it misses a scheduled backup it doesn’t always update when it next needs to run. If this happens it kind of “falls behind” and then every time it starts it tries to run an incremental backup. You have to go into the incremental backup settings and change the date of the next backup.