Winclone will not successfully clone Bootcamp directly from old HD to SSD on late 2009 iMac

I have tried two techniques to date and both have been unsuccessful.

The first was to create a clone backup and then restore it to my new SSD which it did partially. Winclone error message: “Could not copy BCD to Windows partition. This version of Windows may not support legacy booting.”

I had used the “block based cloning”.

I tried “Make EFI bootable” and then started up Bootcamp and that wouldn’t boot up with another error message.

The second technique was to directly clone from my old HD (now an external drive plugged in via USB 2.0). Winclone spent over 1 day going through the whole process only to finish with another error message, “WIM-based restore device to device failed integrity check. Please check disk and try again, try block based cloning, or save image and then restore.”

I was running Windows 10 on my late 2009 Mac without any problems beforehand on old HD.

At my wits end. If this can’t be solved, how do I get my money back for the ‘Standard Licence’ I purchased? There is no direct contact information to the company!?

To get a refund, go here:

As for the issue, I would need to look the logs to see what the issue is. It is usually related to a problem that can be fixed with CHKDSK or is related to file corruption. This may help: