Winclone6 Bootcamp to SSD failing UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME (Macbook Touch)


I am trying to migrate my Windows 10 from Bootcamp (Macbook Pro Touch 2016) to an external Samsung T3 SSD. I have ran sysprep, and formatted the SSD with two partitions (one OSX extended journaled) and the other Fat32.

I’ve ran Winclone6, and can see one of the status updates displayed is ‘Making bootable’ or words to that effect. The Fat32 partition ends up NTFS.

When I reboot, and hold down the option key to select the external SSD, it starts to boot the windows screen, then BSOD’s with a status code of UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME.

I’ve tried this various times though keep getting the same status message.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.


Do you see the files on the external drive? If not, it could be related to the block size of the new MacBooks. You would need to create a new image as a file-based image. You can set that in the preferences of Winclone.

Also, is this Windows 10? Earlier versions of Windows (such as Windows 7) have difficulty booting externally on the Mac.


Thanks - Yes all the files are on the external drive, and it is Windows 10.

The preferences has ‘Use block based imaging’ deselected, so it should be using a file based image?

if the “Use Block based imaging” is deselecting, it means you are using file based mode.