WinClone6 proceeds very slow

I bought WinClone 6 standard version yesterday.
But It seems not working properly.
I was going to make backup image of my bootcamp partition(Win 10).
But it stop at ‘preparing to save image’ step.
It is not wotking as 'Clone and Restore Boot Camp with Winclone 6 ', that is, it stop.
I waited over 1 hour, but not making progress.

I’m having exactly the same issue with my Win 7 drive. Stops at preparing to save image.

I was lack of my waiting. Sorry.
After about 1~2hour from starting, it passed 'preparing to save image’ step.
My bootcamp volume size is about 375GB, the completion took almost about 10 hours saving at my external HDD.
I think it takes too long.

If you switch to block based mode in the preferences, it should be faster (but you won’t be able to restore the image from older to newer Macs).