Winclone9 Migration "Error BootCampServices.exe"

Dear all,

I followed all advises migrating BootCamp partition from iMac 27 End 2014 to iMac 12.2.!

I was successful and Windows 10 started up.

I started setup from “Windows Support” BootCamp directory. Apple Boot camp application then gave me only the option to repair / install new drivers. AMD driver and others installed perfectly.

But after reboot wireless mouse did not work properly (no scrolling, no right button, only left button.

So I checked which drivers where active via Windows System-App for reinstalling applications and noticed that for keyboard & mouse still the old driver from my 2014 iMac were active.

I tried to reinstall all Apple Drivers including Boot camp Service.

This ended in the message: “Error BootcampCampServices.exe”!

How to proceed here?

How to completely reinstall all Boot camp drivers in order to reinstall the current BootCamp drivers for my 2020 iMac?

The only thing which is on my mind is to reinstall boot camp on the older iMac before cloning BootCamp with Winclone. But this will be cumbersome and I hope there is a much easier way!

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Dear All,

I finally solved all issues and Win 10 starts as expected with all new Apple-BootCamp-Drivers for 12.2 iMac!

For those who might suffer from similar issues:

  1. I used Microsoft Troubleshooter application to completely deinstall old BootCamp services!
    Link: Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed (

  2. I started the setup of Bootcamp from external USB-Drive which contains the current WindowsSupport software from Apple (Download via Bootcamp Assistant)

  3. Now I got the option to freshly install Bootcamp

  4. After that I still had troubles with Apple wireles mouse and keyboard.

  5. I started BootCamp setup again, which finally repairs mouse & keyboard drivers

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