Winclone'd Bootcamp image does not boot on new Macbook pro

I’m using Winclone 7 to migrate my bootcamp partition off my old 2014 Macbook Pro onto a new 2018 one. I’ve followed the steps outlined here:

I checked this guide as well to prepare Windows 10 beforehand. Unfortunately, I was not able to run sysprep as I kept getting errors about the apps not being installed for all users and was not sure how to resolve the issue.

I created the winclone image from the old Macbook saved to an external HDD, created a new bootcamp partition on the new Macbook (using disk utility) then used winclone to restore the winclone image onto the new Macbook.

When I hold down the option key during startup, I get a password screen, where I enter the admin password (I think this is something to do with disk encryption or stuff set up by the people at my company), I then get the usual bootcamp style option screen where I have the options to select “Windows” or “Macintosh HD”. When I select “Windows” I get the windows 10 logo (for a couple of seconds) followed by a blue screen (for about a minute) and then it shuts down.

Is there anything I can do to the bootcamp partition from within OSX to trigger startup in safe mode, or some special key combination to hold during the windows startup?

I have the exact same problem!

I am migrating a Windows 10 Bootcamp image from a 2012 MacBook Pro to my new MacBook Pro and run into the same problems!

Please help!

If the blue screen shows a “mass storage device” error, it is related to the new Macs having the T2 that manages storage and requires a drive on startup. This resolves the issue: