Windows 10 has no sound

I used winclone 7 to put windows 10 on my mac and it works great. It sees all my devices that are pluged into the machine, runs smoothly, and just works. The only problem is that it sees my speakers I think but no matter what I do weather it be reinstall the drivers for the speakers to plugging the aux cable into a different location no sound comes out of any of the audio devices that are connected.

What type of Mac is it? I have heard of a similar issue with the 2012 MacBook Pro.


It is a 2008 Mac Pro.
All the sound ports work when logged into OS X, Could it be being blocked because my windows is not verified as of yet.

I have not heard of that reason. I would check device manager and see if there are any errors in the sound driver.


OK so I have gone in there and it shows all devices are working properly and when I change the volume it shows the little green bar go up as if something is producing sound (supposedly making the volume increase or decrease sound)

That is strange. So the driver is active and shows that it is working. If you plug in headphones, does it work?


No. Do you think it is a feature that is blocked because my windows is not verified?

Doubtful. Seems driver or boot mode related.


I have just got it working by going and downloading the realtek audio drivers rather than attempt to use the default microsoft drivers.


it is not Winclone related
you need to find and install appropriate drivers for audiocard from Bootcamp or from Realtek site or from Windows update etc

what is the model of codec? ALC 885 ?