Windows 10 Install only

I was just given a project to create a Windows 10 image on mac mini’s (late 2012) and wipe the whole hard drive so that only Windows 10 can be installed. Is it possible to install Windows 10 only using the saved Windows 10 winclone image? That means, deleting the HFS+ partition (Mac OS) so that only Windows 10 can use the whole hard drive. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you.

Yes, this is possible. I usually recommend leaving a small macOS partition (or the recovery partition) so that you can do maintenance (and run Winclone!)


From what I was told thus far, I am supposed to delete the HFS+ partition (MacOS) and just install Windows 10 only (NTFS partition). I tried all day yesterday to take a winclone image and just restore it to a mac mini with just a windows partition via deploy studio and so far, no luck. Any suggestions?

start OS X/ Mac OS from USB drive or flash media, run Winclone and unpack Win10 to Mac’s HDD

Using Disk Utility, format one partition with MS-DOS format (no need for a second partition with OSX), then restore your Winclone image to that partition.