Windows 10 on 2018 MacBook Pro (no touch bar), Samsung T5

I just purchased the Winclone 7.3.2 software yesterday (earlier today actually) and I have been struggling to get a booting Windows 10 on my external drive which is a Samsung T5 500GB.

Initially I was getting the “Inaccessible boot device” blue screen but I was able to fix that based on the post suggesting the registry edit to set BootDriverFlags to 0x14.

Currently, my boot seems to get farther but my screen is blank, my external drive light is flashing. If I move the cursor around on my screen I get funny jumbled white and blue lines wherever I move the cursor. If I stop moving the screen goes blank again.

A little info on how I created my external drive:

  • 2 partitions (GUID partition table)
    MacOS partition
    ExFat partition
  • Installed Windows via bootcamp on my internal drive (37GB)
  • tweaked the registry as noted above
  • Cloned Bootcamp partition to image using Winclone (because it wouldn’t allow me to do it directly from partition to partition)
  • Restored the image to the External drive Windows partition (200GB)
  • Deleted the internal Bootcamp partition
  • tried to reboot and the latest is as noted above (blank screen with other artifacts if I move the mouse around)

Can anyone suggest what else I should do? I am debating whether to do the other trick I read about to install the external drive drivers by booting from USB stick but I am not sure if that will do me any good since I am not getting the “Inaccessible boot device” error any longer.

Any help would be appreciated.


It may be helpful to run Sysprep in a VM to see if rediscovering the drivers helps.


Did you ever get your 18 mba to boot bootcamp externally?

Yes but not with winclone. I used wintousb