Windows 10 Original destroyed by sysprep/winclone

I had a working windows installation on one mac and wanted to clone it to another mac. When I tried it the first time it didn’t work and I was recommended to run sysprep on windows 10. After that I was able to clone the image an restore it in the second mac. But unfortunately both (original and clone) doesn’t work anymore: When I start Windows I got the message, that I have to start the installation again.
It seems that my original-windows is destroyed by winclone or sysprep.

Winclone doesn’t change any data on the source volume, but it is possible that SysPrep can cause issues. We recommend a full backup and create a Winclone image prior to running sys prep. I know you wrote in to our support and I responded asking for a log. Please send it in and I’ll take a look at it.