Windows 10 USB Installer for 2019 16" MacBook Pro with T2 Chip

I am a WinClone user but this is just a request for a little clarification on information I just read in Two Canoes articles: “Boot Camp Changes on T2 Macs…” - “Create a Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash drive on a Mac” - “Migrating Windows 10 to a 16” MacBook Pro (2019) with WinClone 8"

The “Boot Camp Changes” articles seems to indicate the injecting the driver for the AppleSSD can be avoided by adding the AutoAttend.xml file back in to the Windows 10 Installer USB stick??? It also seems to indicate that all the needed drivers will then load correctly (except for IntelMEI, which can be removed from the drivers folder")

The same article also directs us to a link for the “Create a Windows 10 Bootable USB…” article stating that the article elaborates on the process.

The “create a Bootable…” article also directs us to add an AutoAttend.xml files to the bootable USB installer and to remove the IntelMEI driver. So far, so good…

It then states “To inject the drivers, the Mac must be booted from the USB flash drive” The article sort of stops at that point and provides several links to other articles, one of which describes how to inject the drivers…

My confusion is this: Does one need to add an AutoAttend.xml file to the bootable USB AND ALSO inject the drivers???

The “Migrating Windows 10…” takes a slightly different approach but includes an “Injecting Drivers” section that includes a script to perform the injecting. I realize that this article pertains to injecting drivers into an existing Boot Camp partition once it has been cloned back to a different machine and may not apply creating a bootable Windows 10 Installer USB.

I appreciate the mountains of good info to be found on the Two Canoes site, I just need to get a little clarification if I could…