Windows 10 will not boot from Boot Runner menu


I just installed the trial version of Boot Runner on a MacBook Pro 9,2 (13 in, mid 2012), dual boot with the latest MacOS X (Catalina) & Windows 10 (Bootcamp). I didn’t set up any configurations initially since there weren’t really any changes I needed from the initial install. The issue is when I select Windows 10 to boot from the Boot Runner menu, it restarts the MacBook but goes right back to the Boot Runner menu.

Are there configurations I need to set up to get Windows 10 to boot?

Thank you!

Does it work fine when you hold the option key on startup and select Windows 10? Also, did you run the csrutil command to allow Boot Runner to select the boot volume?


Yes to all…apologize I forgot to mention that.

I would create a setting (configuration profile) that sets the Windows partition to be force EFI (or legacy) boot. Set it up here:

OK…will try that…thanks!