Windows 7 bootcamp copy disk 1 --> disk2

i have macOS catalina 10.15

i already installed my new ssd disk. there is nothing ( no partition / no difference volum) : fresh install.

i would like to recover ( copy or clone i don’t know exactly the term ) my old bootcamp windows 7 64bits partition of my old disk ; i can connect this old disk by external usb.
example my wish to copy bootcamp partition of my old disk on the new SSD and he will create the new bootcamp partition and copy all files .

i download winclone but i don’t know which choice to make and how it works. volum to volum ? i am afraid to erase new SSD

ps : why windows 7 64b : because i have a licence bought. and i don’t want pay a new windows 10 licence…

thanks a lot to help a noob :wink:

Try this guide: