Windows 7 bootcamp with Mojave

Hi. I have a macbook pro late 13 which run Mojave but couldn’t install windows 7 only 10.
So i downgrade to El Capitan and then install win 7 normally. But i wanted to have Mojave instead with win 7 so i upgraded to Mojave and saw that windows 7 works fine.My questions are : If i backup with winclone 7 the bootcamp partition (win7) will i have a problem restoring because normally its not possible to install win 7 with Mojave. If the answer is yes can you tell me please how to make the whole procces in a few steps and how to restore ? When i used El Capitan i restore to the same partition of bootcamp without a problem , but i read that i have to make a Fat32 partition and i am confused. Thank you.

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Yes, if the hardware support that version of Windows, it should work fine. For instructions, go to and look under Winclone 8. It is organized by section.


Thank you Tim , i will check it.

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