Windows 7 on Macbook air 2017


First of all why make it difficult to get customer inquiries? Where is your email address?

I have a 2013 Macbook air with a Windows 7 bootcamp.
I bought a 2017 Macbook air (the last one before the retina current model).
After days of trying I failed to install Windows 7 on it. Tried all sorts of tricks, with DVD, cannibalizing a Windows 10 USB, using the old Mac to create the USB stick, etc. Nothing works, I just cannot get Windows 7 installation to boot.

Straight forward YES/NO question which a LOT of potential customers of yours must be wondering:

Can your software do it, copy my Windows 7 bootcamp from 2013 Macbook Air to the 2017 Macbook Air, even though Apple says Windows 7 is not supported?

The hardware is pretty much similar between these 2 laptops, just 1 generation CPU higher, i5 5th generation instead of 4th. I think the drivers won’t be much of a problem, but I just don’t think it will boot, as the EFI booting seems so much stricter.

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Sorry this was not clear. At the bottom of each page on our website, there is a “Basic and Standard Support” as well as “Contact Us”, which both use forms to send the information. We have tried using email addresses in the past, and the volume of spam and missed messages due to the filtering was unacceptable, so we switched to forum and form-based contacts.

No. The hardware does not support legacy booting, and Windows 7 was not particularly good at EFI booting. Winclone will copy the partition but it won’t boot.


  1. From a user standpoint I like the forum approach as it lets us all learn of other’s problems and resolution.
  2. On your new computer are you using Mojave? Windows 7 is not compatible with Mojave.

Thanks Bill, but I’m not a user. I’m a potential new customer. It
was a sales enquiry like new customers do on my very successful shop
websites (We actually want their emails, we don’t try to discourage
them by having them make accounts and login to just ask a
pre-purchase question).

Also I don't care what Mac-OS was on my 2017 Macbook air, I removed

it. The problem is the EFI BIOS, as it’s strict on what to allow to
boot. Windows 7 and other boot disks have failed (e.g. Paragon
Recovery). A windows 10 installation USB stick boots fine, so I
installed it.

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