Windows 8.1 does not boot after choosing in boot runner

Hello! Try to use BR for choose OS, because of using non-apple patched GUI on apple Mac Pro 5.1, so I don’t have a boot screen. Made NVRAM SIP disabled (it is shown in csrutil status). So, if I choose “bootcamp windows”, mac restarts, and after a few minuter shows me “no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key”. And boots in Mac OS with Boot Runner after restart. I have windows installed on separate SSD, it StartUp menu I can see both of BootCamp and MacOs drives. And mac reboots to windows after choosing bootcamp disc in StarUp menu. My problem is that I can not restart in Mac Os due to I have APFS Mac Os SSD, and can’t see it on bootcamp control panel in windows. I try to select “Legacy” or EFI Volume on BR setup - I see that “no bootable device” warning on Legacy, and mac just restarts to Mac Os with “EFI Volume”. Also I tried to reinstall Boot Runner - no changes. Is there any way to fix this issue?