Windows bluescreen on restored bootcamp

I have restored my bootcamp image, which seems to run fine when booted via dual boot, but when attempting to run in VMware, I get a blue screen every time I attempt to install the VMware tools.

Below are the detailed steps I took (for moot reasons I had to install two different versions of Windows 10 (1803, March 2019 and 1809, March 2019).

  1. Install Windows 10 1803 via Boot Camp Assistant
  2. Activate Windows
  3. Backup Windows 10 1803 with Winclone
  4. Remove Boot Camp partition with Boot Camp Assistant
  5. Install Windows 10 1809 via Bootcamp Assistant
  6. Backup Windows 10 1809 with Winclone
  7. Restore Windows 10 1803 Winclone backup to BootCamp partition
  8. Create BootCamp VM with VMware Fusion 11
  9. Start Installer for VMware Tools

Blue screen every time in the middle of the VMware Tools installation

Has anyone had issues with restoring and doing a VMware Boot Camp VM?

I have not seen that before. I have seen it where it wouldn’t boot on hardware but would boot in a VM. Can you see what the blue screen error message is?


Sorry for the late reply… Below is the screen I get after loading in VMware. The Winclone backup is a barebones Windows 1803 Enterprise installation, activated and Boot Camp drivers installed. I restored the image and then immediately opened the Boot Camp partition in VMware (version 11: latest).

This seems to imply is has something to do with 1803:


Ok, I thought I had the same problem with 1809, but I’ll verify.

Ok, To me this does not seem to be a VMware issue.

  1. Installing Windows 10 1803/1809 (March 2019 version) from scratch runs fine in Boot Camp and in VMware when creating a Boot Camp VM
  2. When restoring 1803/1809 with Winclone, there seems to be blue screens (sometimes) when booting into Boot Camp and 100% when creating a Boot Camp VM with VMware

Does it give the same bluescreen error (PAGE FAULT)?