Windows Boot Errors (Image to Volume Restore)

Intend to move to SSD for macOS Sierra and Windows 10 Bootcamp, Mac mini 2014. Winclone 7. Ran check disk on Windows.

Volume to Volume: Restore Error. Problem with one of volumes or disks.

Create image from volume. Then restored Image to Volume. Inaccessible Boot Device. Followed instructions to inject the Bootcamp drivers into the volume. Then Recovery: your PC couldn’t start properly, Try again or Press F8 for Start up options. Try again: Then back to Inaccessible Boot Device. Safe Mode all kinds of weird issues, flashing start menu. Etc. Too many more to list.

About ready to throw in the towel and start over with new Windows 10. Please help me. Thanks.

Update: Installed the SSD inside the Mac mini. Windows started to boot normal but would just go to a black screen. Erased Bootcamp and ran restore over from original Image. Now Windows is booting, and very fast with the new SSD.

Happy it’s working. Device Manager looks clear of any possible issues. Just wondering what happened.