Windows not bootable

I just bought Winclone 9 - did successfully Volume to Volume clone.

Then when I start macbook with alt and choose EFI boot from external drive it starts booting Windows 10, but after 1min of loading Windows with progress circle it just restarts.

  1. Is it possible at all to boot cloned BOOTCAMP from external drive in macbook? I did that few years ago, but is it still possible?
  2. If not possible, would it be possible with fresh windows installation to boot form external drive?
  3. Is it related to existing BOOTCAMP partition on main SSD of macbook? Should I remove SSD Bootcamp and then try again, would I be able to restore back to SSD if it would fail?

1 2 both are possible
3 i think you did something wrong, but I am not sure

Still no success - I tried 2 methods drive to drive clone and also image to drive.
It seems like that it wants new external SSD to be formatted as GPT (not MBR) and use same partition name even when restoring from image - which is strange because internal SSD contains MacOS and Bootcamp on 2 partitions, but new SSD should have just single partition.

When trying to boot from external SSD Windows 10 loading starts, then after a moment BSOD without texts appears and it reboots again.

What else to try? I bought WinClone in order to avoid re-installing Windows on external drive, but to use my existing bootcamp to have more space for MacOS on internal one.

External booting is not always successful due to the hardware requirements. We have tested on the hardware listed in this article:


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Thanks for response. I think main reason is not hardware, but the way how Twocones handle partitions/efi links of cloned drives - It seems like it wants to keep exactly same partition IDs, but this is not desirable as often people had before 2 partitions on internal SSD and then they move Windows to external SSD with just single partition with completely different partition structure and IDs.

Select your new Windows and do “Make UEFI Bootable” from the upper menu
it will recreate BCD configuration