Windows not booting - Bootmgr is compressed


I restored a Winclone image to my SSD but it keeps saying that the Bootmgr is compressed. Even with the WEB and some research, I was not able to solve my problem.

I was not able to boot from Windows Installation Media to do a repair

Does anyone have any idea to fix that?

Can you verify that SIP is disabled and try to restore again?

Here is how to do it:


Hi. Thank you for your answer.

SIP is disabled. I restored again from the image again and it still does it.

I want to say that I created the image by having the old hard drive connected by external (USB) to the computer and having Winclone do an image of the Bootcamp partition. Maybe knowing this might have you come with another idea.

Please help me out :smile:


Can you give a bit more info? What type of Mac, macOS, and version of Windows?



Ask whatever infos you want. I am just not sure what you need so I don’t know what to transfer you.

Mac 15 inch, Mid 2010 running on macOS High Sierra
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits.

Thank you

Just so I am clear:

The Windows 7 installation was on this Mac, you created a Winclone image on it and saved it to a USB drive, and now you are attempting to restore it back to the same hardware and it is failing to boot?



The HDD didn’t look very healthy as it was very slow even though nothing was crashing.

I then cloned with Clonezilla the entire HDD on a new SSD. I then put the SSD in the Mac.

That way, I put Winclone on the Mac and connected the HDD as external. I then made a Winclone image of the Bootcamp Partition. I restored the Winclone Image on the SSD and that is where I have the mesasge “Bootmgr is compressed”

Does anybody would have an idea how to fix this?

Thank you :slight_smile: