Windows Not Booting

Hi There,
I’ve created a profile with Bootrunner (version 3.1), I can boot to windows when I hold down option, but when I try to use the Windows icon that shows via Bootrunner, it just boots back to mac and the bootrunner screen.

You can force EFI or legacy boot in a profile created on Give that a try and see if it resolves the issue (it should).

Thanks for your reply, I set the force EFI in the profile, but that still did not work. I’m attaching the profile.


(Attachment TestForceEFI.mobileconfig is missing)

I’ve tried both force EFI and EFI Volume. Any help you can offer would be great. We’re trying to get out new dual boots out into the classrooms for our summer courses.

Sorry I did not see this earlier. Please give me a call and we can get it working. The number is in the email you received when you purchased Boot Runner.


Hi Tim,
Sorry I missed your call yesterday, I was in meetings all afternoon. What time is good to talk today?


Will you have time on Monday to talk? Please let me know good time to call.

Sure. Send a message to and we can set up a time. Sorry I missed the message yesterday.


Hi folks,

Had the same issue and after many re-installs, hours of booting, rebooting patching etc. old legacy graphics card and option key boots (and cursing) I think I have found the answer.

My system is a Mac Pro 4,1 flashed to 5,1 normal boot drive mojave off an ssd on a pci card on motherboard, windows 10 on a normal hard drive, latest version downloaded from microsoft two days ago.

Symptoms machine would load into windows to complete install etc. but then when I tried to reboot either the windows disc was missing from boot runner options or when selected computer just rebooted to boot runner screen (depending on how many times I had installed how many discs drives in bays etc.) I did notice that when I had an old windows 7 drive in place the windows 10 would show and boot but when at the desktop the drive letter was K: with the windows 7 drive being C: !! go figure.

Anyhow now for the solution I removed all drives other than the mac ssd and separate hard drive for windows 10. Clean install and noticed that windows 10 when closed down didn’t show, I have paragon NTFS installed and when I looked at the windows 10 drive it was shown as hibernated NOT closed down. It appears on my machine at least that when you close windows 10 it actually hibernates the drive. Solution simple once I knew I forced the paragon software to make drive active out of hibernation and rebooted.

Bootrunner showed it on startup disc list and it booted. Modified power settings in registry and at cmd level just to be sure by turning hibernation off and then in registry also changing default hibernation setting from on to off and since then all is good in my world. Windows 10 and Mojave living very happily with boot runner. It appears windows 10 prefers to hibernate rather than properly close down hence the issue?

Thanks for sharing and spending the time to figure it out.