Windows not starting

I Just purchased boot runner and set it up. got the customization done.

Restarted into recovery mode and started terminal

Entered the command “csrutil enable --without nvram”

Got a confirmation message that says SIP enabled.

restarted into mac OS

But when I select windows and boot runner reboots it restarts into boot runner instead of windows.

Any Idea of what to do?

I am running OSX 10.13.6 and windows is installed on a second internal hard drive.

what type of mac is it?


Did you find an answer? I can boot to windows if I hold down option, I can see the windows icon in boot runner, but when I click on windows it just boots back to mac. I’m running bootrunner 3.1

It is probably related to type of booting (EFI versus legacy). The type of Mac would be helpful in determining that.