Windows partition can't be blessed

I’m attempting to migrate my Boot Camp from my Early 2008 El Capitan Mac Peo to my 2017 High Sierra MacBook Pro. After transferring the image over with Winclone, I am told by Startup Disk “The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk”. Is this because I need to make it EFI bootable?

I don’t think High Sierra is even supported on the 2008 Mac Pro:


I’m aware that High Sierra is not supported on 2008 Mac Pro. I said in my post it is El Capitan.

I keep trying different things. There are 33 GB on my Boot Camp disc of an 80.7 GB partition. Winclone make a 8.4 GB image and unpacks for about 11 GB. Could it be I’m not getting everything?

Sorry about that. I must have confused it with another issue. As for the size, Winclone does compress the data on the fly, as well as skipping hibernate and page files. That could account for the size difference.