Windows recovery mode after using Winclone


I have just used Winclone for cloning windows in an external USB device, and when I restart my device on Windows (I am using macOS Sierra), a blue screen with “RECOVERY” appears with error code 0x00000bb, ¿How can I fix it?

thanks for all!

The “0x000000BB” is a “NETWORK_BOOT_INITIALIZATION_FAILED” error message, which is strange for an external drive. What type of mac, version of Windows, external drive, and connection (USB/Firewire/Thunderbolt) are you using?


My Mac is a MacBook Pro retina 13" mid 2014 with macOS Sierra 10.12.6. The version of Windows is Windows 10 Creators Update. And my external drive is a seagate with 1 TB with USB 3.0 connection.

seems similar to this:

try and make the registry change and see if it helps.