Windows wont boot

Heres the low down:

I am trying to move my bootcamp partition of my Mac HD onto an ssd, i wish to use it for bootcamp(revit) and parallels(autocad). I have created a bootcamp partition on my mac and then launched winclone 6- standard. I saved an image of the bootcamp partition to my HD. I then inserted my GUID partitioned ssd formatted to ms dos for bootcamp, i restore the image to the ssd and this is where im stuck.

I deleted my bootcamp partition from the Mac HD in order to get the ssd version to show up in startup disc, this however hasnt worked. I have tried holding down option on startup and selecting efi from the list but windows enters recovery mode.

where am i going wrong?

Try disabling SIP prior to restoring the image. I am not sure what OS or Mac you have, so it may be that SIP is interfering with the restore process. More info here: