Windows works with VM Fusion, not with bootcamp - INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE

After updates on both mac and windows i can no longer use bootcamp, I get the blue screen. I watched the video and made the USB drive but my 2018 MACBOOK will not let me boot from USB. It comes up with security settings do not allow this mac to use external startup disk. I use command-R to enter into the Startup Security Utility but it will not accept my password to change settings so i am stuck there. Is there anyway I can fix this from using VM into Windows 10?

You may be able to boot into internet recovery and try it from there:


What would I select from there? Do you think the problem is on the MAC side?

You should be able to open Startup System Utility and enable external booting.


I have tried that but i doesn’t read my password. I hold command-R and get into Security Utility, it asks me to enter in admin account password and then it says to enter in MacOS password but it never accepts password. I only have 1 password and 1 account on this machine so im at a loss. Its just weird that VM Fusion which uses my Bootcamp volume works just fine but Bootcamp itself can’t open windows.