Winlone7 Backup to ext. Harddive


I have WinClone 7 installed on my MacOS 10.13.6 for the backup of my BootCamp partition with Windows 10.

The backup is stored in a folder Documents.

But would like to put the backup on an external USB hard drive. Can not find a setting in the program WinClone7, which offers me another place to store the backups.

Is there a way to save these backups to an external USB hard drive formatted with HFS +?

For a reply to my email address I would be very grateful.

Sorry for my Language, I translated this question with Google because my English is not that good.

Yours sincerely. Reinhardt ADAM

You can save the image any where you want to when you save the image. If you already saved the image, then move the image to an external drive and you will be prompted to reconnect the image the next time you do a backup.