Workflow Changes

New to using MDS…had used DeployStudio for sometime.
The basics appear to be the same but, somewhat confused about how
workflows are made and saved. It appears everything is bundled in one image.

Question ??
if I make a change to a workflow after “Save to Disk Image” do I have to recreate the entire image again
so it reflects that change ?

Currently, yes. If you save to an external flash drive, it will update the resources, but a disk image is recreated. There are a couple of ways to mitigate this issue:

  1. Create a separate disk image for the macOS installer and put that that on a web server. Then MDS will use that and it won’t need to be in the image.
  2. Save to a read/write disk image. Create the image in Disk Utility and save to it like an external drive. This has the downside of it growing very large.


Just for clarification I have created ASR images for deployment from web server configuration.

Question ??
It appears when I save a workflow it seems to bundle all previously created workflows…Yes / No ??

It should only copy the resources for “Active” workflows (those workflows which has the Active checkbox marked).