Writing image file to NTFS is not working as advertised

I am using Winclone Standard to save a bootcamp disk image to an external NTFS drive, using the feature as advertised:

“Supports writing image file to DOS-FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS formatted volumes”

But it does not work because Winclone gives an error and says the NTFS drive is read-only.

Seems I can get this working by downloading Paragon NTFS for Mac, which will cost $20. But this does not seem to be provided by Winclone Standard.

You are correct. We still recommend saving the image to a Mac formatted volume. The write support is to add files to a Boot Camp partition.


So “Supports writing image file to DOS-FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS formatted volumes” is simply not true? Will twocanoes be removing it from their advertised product features list?

And is it problematic to write an image to an NTFS volume using Paragon?

I think I see the confusion, and I’ll update the website. It was meant that you could restore the image file to those formatted volumes, rather than save the image there. Sorry about the confusion, and I’ll update it.


Thanks for clarifying Tim. Yes that definitely implied the latter.

And can I check, if I have now backed up using Winclone Standard to write an image to an NTFS disk via Paragon NTFS is that a good backup or is it unreliable?

It really shouldn’t come into play, since all operations done on the NTFS volume are done when it is unmounted.


Not the case! I’m writing an image file FROM my Bootcamp drive TO an NTFS backup drive. The NTFS backup drive is very much mounted.

I thought you meant during the cloning operation when reading the cloned filesystem. We don’t test to writing image files to NTFS volumes, but it should be fine.