Macbook Pro 16 inch

Is anyone having a problem restoring a Winclone image to the new Macbook Pro 16 inch. I can see the Bootcamp partition, but when I attempt to boot into it, it just hangs. Am I missing something? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Windows 10 Pro (latest)
Winclone 8.0.1 (46114)
Macbook Pro 16 inch

Me, too!

MBP 16" and I was able to restore my Winclone clone of my late 2017 MBP 15" Boot Camp partition, but it won’t even boot.

I gave up fiddling, and tried to create a new Boot Camp partition, and the Boot Camp Assistant fails trying to contact the Update Server.40%20AM

Well, at least we are getting the same error. Hopefully, this will be repaired in short order. Thank you very much…

We just got the 16” in for testing and it has not been setup yet. Did you try disabling secure boot?

I did disable secure boot. I was able to see the Windows logo followed by a spinning wheel for about 15 seconds, and then a blank screen with no additional activity.

I would appreciate any assistance that you could provide.

Thank you very much…

I tried one more time, and this time it allowed me to login to Windows, then the screen went blank. Could this be a video driver problem, and is there a way around it?

I made the USB flash drive, and I also disabled secure boot.

I can see the EFI partition with option key at startup. I get the Windows icon for about 15 seconds, then a blank screen, and the 16" eventually brings up the choose a startup disk dialog box.

So, Im not even able to install Windows fresh with Boot Camp Assistant, nor via the flash drive.

I called Apple Support yesterday, and after 20 minutes with Tier 1 Support, I was escalated to Tier 2. He said the problem with not being able to contact the Software Update server at the start of the Boot Camp installation process is a -Microsoft- problem, not an Apple problem.

When I told him that I had a late 2017 Macbook Pro 15" whose Boot Camp application can connect to the Software Update server, he said it may be that Microsoft may not have “profiles” for the 16" machine yet.

However, an hour of Googling indicates this problem has cropped up from time to time before, and some posts give web addresses for the server, which I was able to ping and traceroute to. Very slowly.

I have a week to return the new MBP to Apple…I have some essential Windows applications I need to run, so let me know if you (Two Canoes) get Windows running at all, and then if you can restore a WinClone backup successfully. If you can’t I’ll return the new 16".

I just found this on an Apple Community forum. Posters say this is an Apple issue, not a Microsoft issue.

Saw that article as well. I got it working, mostly. I disabled Secure Boot, and injected the drivers from the 2018 MacBook Pro. This got me everything but WiFi. I suspect we’ll have to wait for apple to update the boot camp drivers.


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Could you put together a brief tutorial so others can do it too? Thank you.

I second what DAA5 said. If you can note down the steps, that would be great. I can live without WiFi for a while, as I have an Ethernet connection.

I fear the Windows Support files I got from my 2017 Macbook Pro are too old…any chance you can post a zip file of your Windows Support files somewhere?

The appropriate software and drivers are now available on Apple’s website. Just use BootCamp assist.

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Not sure if I should make a new thread or reply to this one - has anyone been able to get this working yet? I can make a new bootcamp through apple’s tool fine with the MBP 16, but if I try to restore winclone backup to that partition I get a BSOD prior to reaching login screen.

"The OS couldn’t be loaded because the digital signature of a file or one of its dependencies couldn’t be verified.

File: \Windows\System32\Drivers\AppleMNT.sys
Error code: 0xc0000428

My main thought is to try to copy this file from the clean bootcamp install to the restored winclone partition manually, but i doubt that will properly install the needed drivers?

I could not even get a standard Windows installer, injected with the correct boot camp drivers (just downloaded twice), to recognize the internal SSD.

I am doing a fresh Windows 10 install, no issues.

Looks like building a standalone USB to access the internal SSD is not possible.

Likely other issues with required new drivers on this box.

I have also tried the standard process to migrate my bootcamp partition from my 2017 macbook pro i7 to my new macbook pro 16" i9. Both systems are running on catalina and my old macbook on windows 10 in the BC partition. Winclone could generate the file and I could also migrate it to the exfat partition I created before which was big enough in case of free space on my new Macbook.

The system does not start up on windows. It forces me to choose another start volume and come back to mac os again. So far I ended up here. Is there anybody who get this worked with the more or less same hardware I have?

The exact same thing happens to me here… I’m able to select windows when booting, after that it shows the apple logo again, screen flickering, seemingly rebooting 2 more times with flckering screen and then startup volume prompt.

Hi Jimmy - Thanks for adding that comment - I can confirm same issues and behavior of my mac like yours during the booting with bootcamp - lets see if we get some support here from twocanoes on that topic. The tool is otherwise more or less useless for my user-case.

Totally agree… A bit annoying to find that out after buying… I don’t want to have to re-install my whole windows partition. The sooner we get some feedback from twocanoes the better. A note that they are working on this would be nice. I do love the product and the idea though!

I ended up doing a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro without issues.

I am quite upset that I paid the $20 upgrade fee for Winclone 8, with supposed full support for Catalina.

It would be good to be explicit in your marketing for the upgrade that the 16 inch Macbook Pro is not supported at this time.

You may want to consider a refund of the $20, seeing as this could be considered somewhat deceptive advertising.

sorry you are having issues. As always, you can submit a request for a refund if you are not satisfied. As for the support of the 16" MacBook Pro, we got one right away and tested it. Once the boot camp drivers were updated by Apple, the same procedure used for migrating to any T2 Mac was successful for the 16" MacBook Pro.

I would be glad to help resolve any issues.