There was an error during the disk to disk clone. There may be a problem with one of the volumes or the disks

Purchased winclone to clone a functioning bootcamp partition from one internal drive to another.

System: mac pro 3,1 with high sierra 10.13.6.
Drive bay 1: 2TB ssd partition to 1.5 TB bootable partition, with a 500GB partition for a bootcamp volume
Drive bay 2-4 is a mac formatted 3 disk raid system with 12 TB (Not related to this issue)

Source bootcamp: dedicated 2TB HD in optical bay, routed via ODD_SATA connectors on motherboard.

Backstory: This bootcamp initially had windows xp and was upgraded to windows 7 a couple of years ago. I’ve had bootcamp on this machine since 2009 co-exixting on this mac pro with the mac OS for almost a decade. Prior it was connected to the proper sata iPass connector making it bootable. I had a bootable raid for the mac with a dedicated cal digit raid card.

The cal digit raid card, after 8 years of service had to be ditched because of lack of OS support past yosemite. The resulting raid set necessitated me needing to clone this bootcamp to the above mentioned partition SSD in drive one. The odd_sata ports on the motherboard doesn’t allow bootcamp booting unfortunately.

Back to the problem at hand:

Attempting to clone this bootcamp that is 170GBused/2TBcapacity bootcamp to a 500GB blank partition on a 2TB ssd drive. I get the useless “There was an error during the disk to disk clone. There may be a problem with one of the volumes or the disks.”. Looking at other post here, the theory is that the original bootcamp disk drive is 2TB even though only 170GB are used. The destination is a 500GB partition. Is that what the problem is? Have you updated the preflight check to disregard this size difference?

thank you.

Can you try saving an image first then restoring it?


Thank you did that and restored it to the target partition.

I now get the blue screen soon after I log in.

I repeated the restore. Same problem with blue screen.

Booted in plain safe mode and network plain mode. So far so good but not sure how to correct this.

thread for blue screen is here:

link to thread regarding BSOD: