Winclone 9 and new iMac

Have a new 2020 T2 iMac - all SSD, of course. Still have the older one with Boot Camp. Don’t want to partition the SSD storage. Have v8, but will upgrade to v9 shortly. Will it allow a Boot Camp set up on an external drive, or is it a complicated procedure (as was before, involving making virtual machine set ups to start with)? Or, will v9 simply allow me to set up an external FAT hard drive, and v9 makes in into NTFS, puts my image and the Windows Boot Camp drivers (which I will have saved) and off I go? Presumably do Sysprep first on the older machine?


Gave up several months ago after numerous/varied attempts to migrate my MacbookPro 2018 WIN10 installation to a Samsung 860QVO SSD. Never took up tperfitt offer of WC8 refund, but will try again with Winclone9 if upgradable for $0.00

Winclone 9 does indeed support the new 2020 iMac and upgrade is free if you bought in 2020. Let me know how it goes.


Hi Tim,

I bought Winclone 8 on the 16th December 2019, so I guess I miss out on
the upgrade…

Also, you haven’t really answered my question. I already realised that
you support the 2020 iMac, but I was trying to ensure that I could get a
bootable Windows on an external drive, as I don’t want to partition my
internal solid state drive.

I see another poster has tried this, and has not succeeded, because he
cannot boot from the external drive, despite going through a few hoops.

I would appreciate a 1,2,3 sequence of every step I need to go through
to put my old Boot Camp set-up from my last iMac (which is still with
me) on to a bootable external drive (starting with an unformatted
drive), which will appear and boot from the “option” screen.



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Please check your account on We do have bit of wiggle on the dates.

The step by step is here:


Oh! Thank you! That’s really good of you.

I’ll follow the instructions above on the next few days.

Regards, and stay well,


Have a new 2020 T2 iMac too. Now i run windows from an external usb SSD Sabrent Nano drive.
I cloned the bootcamp from my 2015 Imac using EaseUS Todo. Boots and runs well.
If you do cloned bootcamp installed on the new mac with SSD , do the following.
After backing the bootcamp uncheck the third partition apart from the Fat32 and Ntfs. The third partition is the Macos partition. Cloning the three partition will result in your external drive running with no sound, Wifi etc.

I’m sure Tim was delighted to see that you used a competitor’s product :wink:

I have also the 2020 iMac with T2 and had no luck with the cloning to the external SSD so far.
Inaccessible boot device message while booting windows 10. I followed all hints from Timothy but it is not working.

If have a solution please let me know!

This is what I used to fix the Issue: Bootcamp Inaccessible Boot Device
2019 T2 MacBook Pro with Full Security Enabled

Not exactly a piece of cake, is it?

I actually think that Winclone should include built in scripts to accomplish some of these things, as one of the main points of owning it is for the transfer of existing Boot Camp set-ups… We really should not be expected to have to troll through forums or other postings, from some very clever individuals, in order to find quite complex methods (do-able, but hardly the sort of things the average user would ever know or think of - or even feel confident to try) to do these tasks. There should be options to simply transfer to a new Boot Camp partition on a new machine, or to an external hard drive, or external SSD. The scripts should perform all the necessary syspreps, and so on - making the whole thing a click or so on the old machine, and another click or so on the new one - and that’s it. Maybe it’s asking a lot, but that’s what the point of the software is - apart from backing up existing Boot Camp partitions as a safety net.

I absolutely agree. I hope it at least got your system working.

Good information thanks for sharing

I am someone else who agrees with all you say Mr Diamond
It gets very complex to get anything done with Winclone. :neutral_face:

Well, I have some good news to report.

Winclone 9 has delivered!

I made a block-based image of the Boot Camp installation on my old iMac. I did this on to an external SSD. I decided not to do a “Sysprep” before I did this. I actually did run Sysprep on the old machine much later, and deleted the whole Windows partition - but that is irrelevant.

I then took the SSD with the image and the blank but exFAT formatted SSD, on which I proposed to run Windows 10 on my new iMac (which I did not want to do on its internal SSD drive), and attached them to a USB hub on the new iMac.

I then restored the image to the blank SSD, and used the Winclone tool to make it EFI bootable. This is now where Tim has produced the magic! I had also copied the Boot Camp drivers folder to that SSD.

I ejected the image drive, and adjusted the T2 iMac to allow booting from an external drive. I then went back to Catalina and shut down (I felt it was a good idea).

Restarted, pressing the “alt” key, and there was my EFI boot disk showing. Heart in mouth, I selected that, and “VOILA”, the Windows logo appeared. Then, the log in screen was there, and I logged in. Of course, beccause it was already from an existing Boot Camp installation, a lot of the basic Apple parts worked, but I ran the setup from the Windows Support folder. An Apple update window appeared, and I ran that. I also decided to install AMD’s very latest Boot Camp driver for my graphics card. As many have found, for some reason, there was no sound. I hunted around for a solution, and inspected device manager, etc. Not much luck.
Nearly all my programs worked perfectly, and so much faster than in the past. Today, I had a look at Windows Update, and it proposed a few updates, including an Apple one! So, I ran that, and now everything works. I have sound, and even the odd previously recalcitrant programs are now OK. I use an Ethernet connection, but can see that the wireless adapter is still not working. I don’t really care, but I may just uninstall the device, and let Windows find it and re-install it. The drivers are all fine, so that may well work.

So, no complicated fussing about in Terminal or CMD required. I now have my old Boot Camp on an external SSD, working on my new iMac. :smiley:

A bit frustrated: downloaded Winclone 9. Created image to external drive. Restored image to new Macbook Pro. Bootcamp partition and folders are present.
Yet, I cannot boot from Win10.
I believe that Winclone 9 was to configure the new machine properly. The whole idea was not to go have to g through troubleshooting.
I have no idea what I am missing.

I would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.

Thank you-

We are investigating some issues with external booting and registry settings. Some folks have found that changing a registry setting resolves booting issues:


Well Tim, you certainly delivered the goods for me with Winclone 9. Maybe of some interest, I had similar “inaccessible_boot_device” error messages for quite a time with Parallels trying to open my otherwise perfectly functioning Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine on my older iMac. No problem using Windows booting from the “alt” boot screen. I noticed some other people had a similar problem, but the Parallels technical support could not solve things, despite me going through several “solutions”. I gave up, but Parallels then came out with a newer version, which I upgraded to, and (to my amazement but delight), it loaded the Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine straight away, with no fiddling whatsoever. So, as they promoted, I could use Windows either way. Now, of course, this isn’t quite the same situation as outlined above, but is it just something in the registry making life difficult for some? Anyway, you have a happy customer with me. I wonder whether Parallels will work with the external SSD? :wink: