C: \winclonefix.bat command

Hi. I’m Michael, System Administrator in my organisation.
i’m try to install bootcamp windows 10 image in macOs.
i did the all steps during this great tutorial.
in the last step, when i upload the EFI Drive in the command prompt and copy this line:
c: \winclonefix.bat - that doing nothing just pass me from x: folder to c: folder
and when i try to go to d: drive ( d is the external EFI drive) - and write winclonefix.bat that write “error 2 - unable to access the image”
i read this post:

and evertything looks ok.
c: drive is the windows drive(BOOTCAMP) , D drive is the external drive(EFI same as tutorial).
all the drivers same in the video inside the tutorial and the tutorial is the same as my ExFAT drive.
what could be the problem ?

sharing you a photos with the problem:

Waiting for your reply,

Have you tried Winclone 8.2 to inject drivers? It is much easier: